2009 Incident #40 20.08.09 1805BST #4031

A high spring tide and fresh southwesterly contributed to a busy evening searching for and recovering 13 people trapped on the cliffs in Charmouth and Lyme Regis.  A party of 6, 3 adults and 3 children, become trapped 150m east of Charmouth having set off to walk along the beach from St Gabriel’s steps.  Coastguard Helicopter 106 winched all six casualties to a rendezvous point with the coastguard team at Lyme Regis golf course.  All 6 were suffering with minor shock and the effects of the cold.  Another party of 3 was cut off to the west of Charmouth.  Under instructions from the coastgaurd and carefully monitored by the RNLI ILB they managed to walk out on their own at Charmouth .  A family of 3 Dutch nationals were cut off heading west to Lyme Regis and had climbed into the lower levels of  The Spittles.  An American fossil collector had stayed with the family to provide reassurance.  The helicopter and the RNLI ILB marked their location.  The coastguard cliff team trekked into the undergrowth, located and then escorted them out  of Black Ven to Timber Hill.  All four were safe and well but first aid was given for minor cuts and grazes.

Air rescue




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