2009 Incident #45 11.10.09 1634BST #5113

The full coastguard rescue team was launched to assist a family of four who had been struck by a rock fall about 1500 metres east of Charmouth.  The mother of two young daughters was the most seriously injured with a suspected broken hip.  She was also drifting in and out of consciousness.  The father had sustained a severe wound to the head but fortunately it appeared to have only been ‘glanced’ by the falling rocks and not a direct hit.  Both young daughters were in deep shock and had pains in their shoulders and lower back.  After paramedics stabilised the female casualty, Devon Air Ambulance ‘medivacced’ (airlifted) her on a spinal board, straight to A&E in Dorchester.  The father and two daughters were taken by the Coastguard Rescue helicopter to Dorchester Hospital as well.  This was a very traumatic afternoon for this family and we hope that they all make a speedy recovery

Please remember the best fossils are always found on the beach and stay away from the cliffs and landslides.






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