2010 Incident #12 28.03.10 1312UTC #0943

The full coastguard rescue team was called to assist a 12 year old boy who was stuck in the mud up to his waist.  The boy had ventured onto the bottom of the landslip 150 metres from the river to the east of Charmouth.  He was stuck just a few metres from the safety of the beach.  His father had endeavoured to free his son but to no avail and had then tried to help by laying a path of rocks and sticks.  The boy was dug out from the mud once the coastguard had gained access and established a safe place to work.  The casualty did not need medical attention although he was a little cold. 

Please keep away from the cliffs, especially if have youngsters and / or animals.  The best fossils are always found on the beach and not in the landslips and rock falls.  When visiting the beach be aware of the times of high tide.  Although not the case today, many people who become trapped in mud have been cut off by the tide and endeavour to cross the mud to get back to safety.  Please stay off the mud, it is very dangerous!”



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