2010 Incident #13 02.04.10 1255UTC #0XXX

The full coastguard rescue team was called to assist two 10 year old boys who had become trapped in the mud up to their waists.  The second boy had become stuck after trying to assist his friend who had climbed the landslip 150 metres from the river to the east of Charmouth.  Both were stuck just a few metres from the safety of the beach.  The boys had only been on the beach for 10 minutes before they had become trapped.  Fortunately their parents had managed to free the boys as the coastguard team arrived on scene.  The boys had been trapped for 20 minutes when a passerby had alerted the emergency services.   Neither of the boys required further medical attention although both were wet and cold.

The high spring tides and the recent rain have made the area near the landslip particularly unstable.  Please call the Coastguard as soon as possible if somebody does become trapped in the quicksand / mud.  Please do not try to rescue them yourselves as you risk becoming stuck as well.  The Coastguard has specialist mud rescue equipment and is aware of all the local conditions such as safe access.




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