2010 Incident #31 14.06.10 0740UTC #2323

The whole Coastguard Rescue Team was tasked to rescue a 55 year old male from Black Venn, the cliffs between Charmouth and Lyme Regis.  The casualty had made a mistake reading the tide tables and had become cut off by a high spring tide, 1km east of Lyme Regis.  He had climbed the cliffs endeavouring to find a safe exit but after 1.5 hours of climbing had become stuck and lost in the impenetrable undergrowth.  The lifeboat was launched to undertake a visual search of the area and provide a ‘marker’ for the coastguard team to begin their search.  The casualty was located and recovered back to the safety of the fields near the entrance to Spittles.  After being checked over for the effects of cold, cuts and grazes, the casualty was returned to his holiday accommodation, safe and well.

Albeit in this situation the gentleman had initially misjudged the tides, he had sensibly taken a fully charged mobile telephone with him.  He also had called the Coastguard when he realised that the situation was deteriorating and beyond his control.  He had stayed calm and remained in the same place, making the rescue much easier.  The gentleman was convinced that he could not be found or removed without the need for a helicopter.  However, with his level headed actions and with the Coastguards’ local knowledge of the area, he was quickly located.


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