2010 Incident #33 01.07.10 1056UTC #2728

The IRT was tasked to investigate a major landslide that occurred 300m east of Charmouth.  A large number of onlookers had gathered and people were already climbing on the slip whilst it was still happening!  The cliff fall was taped off and warning signs were erected.  It was estimated that about 8,000 tonnes had fallen straight onto the beach in a matter of minutes and fortunately there was no one hurt.  The fall remains highly unstable and a significant amount, c.6,000 tonnes, of rocks and debris will follow this initial fall shortly.  Please keep well away from this cliff fall.  The day before a member of the public and his son had been fossiling at this exact spot.  The father had had an angry exchange when he was advised of the risks.  If he had been in the same place following yesterday’s fall the situation would have been very grave indeed.

The IRT was also tasked to investigate the circumstances around a buoyancy aid that had washed up on Charmouth beach.  There were no reports of anybody missing or any maritime incidents that might have been related.  A visual check of the local beach and the cliffs was made with nothing being found.  It was known that a group of 20 or so kayakers were in the area on the previous evening and one of the party may have left the lifejacket.


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