2010 Incident #48 15.08.10 1203UTC #3917

The full Coastguard team was tasked to rescue a spaniel that become trapped 40m over the cliff at Cains Folly, Stonebarow.  The juvenile dog was not injured but was unable to scramble back up the cliff due to the scree and the steepness of the cliff.  The dog, Tigger, was coaxed across to the coastguard who secured him and recovered him back to the top of the cliff.

If your dog does venture over the cliff, please do not attempt to rescue it yourself.  Please call the Coastguard immediately.  They have the necessary equipment and resources to deal with the situation safely.  Invariably the human ‘rescuers’ put themselves in great danger and become stuck or injured on the cliff.  The dog nearly always manages to escape unassisted.


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