2010 Incident #55 11.09.10 1035UTC #4514

The IRT was tasked to investigate two people apparently cut off by a high spring tide on the landslip 500 metres from Gun Cliff, Lyme Regis. The two gentlemen seemed to be ill prepared for the conditions and a passer by was very concerned. They were kept under observation for 20 minutes to establish if they were injured or in any immediate danger. It was decided not to launch the lifeboat due to the state of the tide and the high swell running. One of the gentlemen managed to recover himself to safety by climbing up on the sea wall. He had gone to the assistance of the other casulaty man who he assumed was trapped. It transpired that the remaining gentlemen was a fossil hunter and was happy to wait for the tide to fall.

If you do see anybody in danger at on the cliffs and beaches, please do not hesitate to contact the Coastguard. Please do not put yourself in any unnecessary danger.


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