2011 Incident #39 07.08.11 1208UTC #3761

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to assist with the rescue of four male adults and a 10 year old child from a speedboat that that had drifted onto rocks west of Charmouth. The casualties were able to get ashore. The 5m speedboat had lost power to its engine and in the very heavy swell and force 5 prevailing wind was blown on to the rocks. The RNLI managed to tow the sunken vessel back to Lyme Regis after pumping all the water out. All occupants were found to be safe and well. They had two buoyancy aids amongst the five people on board and even these two were not worn. There was no VHF radio. The boat appeared poorly maintained and the engine had not been serviced for at least two years. It was only the second time the boat had been launched in the last two years. The owners said that the vessel, newly named ‘Piece of ^$%!’ would be put on eBay immediately!

This boat should never have been put to sea especially in the weather conditions on that day. The lack of safety equipment and limited experience of the crew meant this was likley to end in tears.



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