BBC TV Live n Deadly 17 September 2011

The Coastguards at Lyme Regis played a part at the weekend in CBBC’s popular Live ‘n’ Deadly show. The programme, on BBC 2 last Saturday, saw the RNLI lifeboat crew working with the Coastguard helicopter to ‘rescue’ presenter Steve Backshall from the sea just outside Lyme Regis Harbour. One of the key messages from the show was safety at sea.

Live ‘n’ Deadly was transmitted ‘live’ from the beach and, along with the rescue, also featured reports on wildlife including two eagles and an otter. The location also enabled the presenters to explore some of the prehistoric predators around the seas 145 million years ago using local fossils. Steve, who went overboard from the harbourmaster’s launch, was winched from the sea by the helicopter and lowered safely to the lifeboat.

The 10 live ‘hour’ long shows contain features and games relating to wildlife and also use its live broadcast to encourage interactivity with the viewing audience. The programme attracts an audience of at least a million, mainly aged between eight and 14 years.

Steve Backshall jointly presents Live ‘n’ Deadly with Naomi Wilkinson. Dee Caffari, the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, around the world in both directions also joined in the fun of the show.


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