2011 Incident #55 13.12.11 0902UTC #5819

The IRT was tasked to investigate two 999 calls that indicated a male casualty was stuck & cut off by the tide east of Lyme Regis, between Church Cliffs and Black Ven.  Following the severe weather and gales overnight, the sea state was rough and members of the public were concerned for his safety.  The ‘target’ was located through the binoculars and appeared to be insistent on trying to  access the beach, dodging the breakers and the surf.  Since the coastguard were unable to reach the ‘casualty’ from land,  the IRT decided to ask the Coastguard helicopter, to fly over to ensure that the ‘casualty’ was indeed safe.   The ‘casualty’ was safe and was kept under observation for an hour to ensure he did not fall into the sea.  It was suspected that the individual was ‘fossiling’ and was overly keen to ensure that no ‘finds’ alluded him as the tide receded.


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