2012 Incident #30 18.07.12 1204UTC #2695

The whole coastguard team was tasked to rescue two children stuck in a landslip 1.2 kms west of Seatown. The two young boys, aged 8 & 10, had climbed onto landslip having initially been rock pooling on the beach. On arrival at the scene, one of the boys had managed to reach a stone but remained stranded in the middle of the slip. The second boy was close by, with one foot stuck. The coastguards used a technique of using alternate basket stretchers to get the casualties and themselves back to safe ground. The boys and their parents were returned to Seatown where a paramedic checked the boys over. The children were allowed home after they had warmed up after their ordeal. The family were on their annual holiday to the area from Gloucestershire.

The extreme rainfall in recent weeks has made the cliffs and the landslips extremely dangerous. Please take heed of the signs and do not climb up the cliffs or onto landslips / mudflows.



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