2012 Incident #52 07.09.12 2320UTC #4107

The whole Coastguard team was asked to assist the police with the search for a missing 14 year old local schoolboy. The boy had last been seen near Lyme Regis Football club at 1800BST and he was reported him missing at 2130BST. It was understood that he was trying to get to Charmouth but had become lost. An initial search by the local police officers and the police helicopter had failed to locate him. The coastguard put three search parties in the area. Within half an hour, he was spotted from the cliff edge stranded in the middle of Black Venn. 6 coastguards and 2 officers, on foot, reached the schoolboy after 2.5 hours of struggling through 1km of very dense undergrowth. The ‘casualty’ was uninjured albeit cold, in shock and with many cuts & grazes. Due to the extreme terrain and the impenetrable undergrowth, the only safe way off Black Venn was to use the coastguard helicopter. Coastguard Rescue 104 came from Lee on Solent, 1 hour flying time, and quickly lifted everybody to the safety of the golf course. Our thanks to the flight crew for their professionalism and expertise.

The schoolboy was checked over by the paramedics from SW Ambulance and was able to go home with his mother shortly afterwards.




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