2008 Incident #52 10.12.08 1558UTC

December 11, 2008

The whole Coastguard Rescue team was called to rescue a 64 year old who was stuck in the mud at the foot of a landslip.  The man had walked from St Gabriel’s towards Charmouth and had to retreat further and further up the beach to avoid the incoming tide.  In the dark and at high tide, he was trapped up to his thighs in the mud near Westhay Water, some 2km east of Charmouth.  The coastguard team carried the necessary mud rescue equipment to the casualty.  Fortunately, Coastguard Rescue helicopter 106 was able to touch down on the beach and recover the casualty who had managed to extract himself from the mud.  The man was uninjured and was able to return to his accommodation that evening.

It is always advisable to check the tide times and to make sure you have enough daylight to complete your walk.


2008 Incident #51 04.12.08 1059UTC

December 5, 2008

The duty IRT, ‘Initial Response Team’  was tasked to investigate four members of the public being buffeted by the sea as they were cut off by a high tide.  Three of the people appeared to be searching for fossils in the landslip at Church Cliffs, Lyme Regis. Having identified that the individuals were under no immediate danger, they were kept under observation for an hour.

2008 Incident #50 22.11.08 1135UTC

November 22, 2008

The duty IRT was tasked to assist paramedics with the recovery of a 22 year old male who had fallen 4 metres from the the ‘high’ wall on to the Cobb.  The initial task was to secure a helicopter landing site for the air ambulance.  The casualty had fallen heavily on his hip and shoulder.  He was also drifting in and out of consciousness.  The casualty refused the use of either a neck brace or spinal board to help stabilise his injuries.  The air ambulance was stood down before landing.  The casualty was eventually transferred by land ambulance to Dorchester Hospital for further assessment.

2008 Incident #49 16.11.08 1103UTC

November 16, 2008

The Coastguard team was called to assist with the recovery of a 2 year old Wiemaraner who had decided to follow his ball over the edge of the Stonebarrow cliff, near the Dizzy House. On arrival at scene, the dog had managed to climb back up to within 10 metres of the cliff top. The owner had secured a rope to a nearby bench and with another member of the public, recovered the animal. The Coastguard are pleased that the outcome was successful but would advise dog owners ALWAYS to promptly call the Coastguard in such situations. The Coastguard has specialist training and equipment to deal with such incidents and then nobody is putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

2008 Incident #48 4.11.08 2115UTC

November 5, 2008

A concerned member of the public reported the sighting of a distress flare that appeared to have been launched from the harbour in Lyme Regis.  The duty IRT was tasked to investigate and the found that teenagers had been launching a number of fireworks from Langmoor gradens. Safety advice was given to the teenagers.

2008 Incident #47 18.10.08 1526UTC

October 27, 2008

The IRT was tasked to assist the Ambulance service with the recovery of a 52 year old who had fallen onto rocks from the breakwater at Broad Ledge, Lyme Regis.  The man had received a knock to the head and was also suffering with a suspected broken shoulder bone. To minimise any further complications, he was placed on a spinal board and carried from the beach before being taken to Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester.

2008 Incident #46 12.10.08 1633UTC

October 12, 2008

The IRT was tasked to assist the RNLI with the recovery of a 12′ Fletcher Arrow Speedboat and its occupants, which sank 50 metres off shore from Monmouth Beach.  The boat had gone to assist another member of their party who had stalled the engine and was sinking with a Kawasaki X2 jet ski.  The weight of the waterlogged jet ski under tow caused the boat to become flooded and capsize.  All four casualties were recovered safe and well.