2013 Incident #2 24.1.13 1236UTC #0189

January 26, 2013

The whole coastguard team was asked by Dorset Police to help with the search for a 41-year-old male whose car had been found in Lyme Regis. The man had earlier been reported missing by Wiltshire police who were concerned for his welfare. Following a detailed briefing, the Coastguard organised four teams to carry out a detailed search of the immediate areas to the west of Lyme Regis, including Ware Cliffs, Ware Lane and the Undercliff. The Coastguard also asked for the RNLI inshore lifeboat to carry out a shoreline search between Golden Cap & Charton Bay. The Coastguard helicopter also carried out a search of all the area to the west of Lyme Regis using its high powered cameras and its FLIR, “forward looking infra-red” camera. The coastguard rope rescue team together with the RNLI then carried a detailed search of the Cobb high wall near the ‘Pool’ following reports of a possible sighting.


2013 Incident #1 6.1.13 1112UTC #0030

January 6, 2013

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a landslide between the Golden Cap & St Gabriel’s. On arrival at scene, it was established that about there had been some further ‘slumping’ at high level to a fall that originally occurred in April 2011. There were no reports of anybody being near the landslide when it occurred.


BBC One – Wild Weather in 2012 – Miranda Krestovnikoff

December 31, 2012

The Lyme Regis Coastguard team was asked in November to help film a documentary about the extreme weather that we have all experienced in 2012. The team was filmed rescuing the presenter, Miranda Krestovnikoff from the mud at a landslip in Charmouth. This is the same location that we have carried out a number of mud rescues of the last 36 months. The rescue, even in a ‘controlled environment’ was extremely physical and difficult. It really does highlight the hazard and risks associated with the mud and quicksand along the Jurassic Coast.




2012 Incident #69 29.12.12 2151UTC #5649

December 30, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate a ‘white light’ flashing 1.2km east of Charmouth. With the recent poor weather and the abundance of landslips, a concerned member of the public thought somebody may be in danger; especially as the torch did not appear to be moving and was irregularly flashing. The Coastguard IRT walked to the location and found a person looking for fossils. Well aware of the tides, the ‘target’ had on occasions sat down and waited to make sure the tide had dropped sufficiently enabling him to continue the along the beach. He was advised to stay well away from the bottom of the cliff as the risks associated with the cliffs and beach are greatly heightened when it is dark. The Coastguard have recorded this call as a ‘false alarm with good intent’.

2012 Incident #68 29.12.12 1300UTC #5635

December 29, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to meet the police at the Crow’s Nest as concern for public safety increased due to numerous local landslides   Previously a number of cracks had developed on the the SW Coast path itself with all cliffs to the west of Lyme Regis showing signs of significant movement.  A small number of chalets near the beach in Lyme Regis have also been displaced from their foundations by the shifting ground.


2012 Incident #67 27.12.12 1619UTC #5625

December 28, 2012

Whilst coordinating the rescue of the lady who had been swept out to sea whilst trying to rescue her dog, the coastguard were tasked again to assist with an injured surfer. The male surfer had suffered injuries to his face when one of the fins on his board had struck him on the bridge of his nose. After the adrenalin had worn off, the blood pressure of the casualty started to fall dramatically. South West Ambulance service took the casualty to Dorchester hospital so that his head injury could be thoroughly checked and his blood pressure stabilised

2012 Incident #66 27.12.12 1535UTC #5623

December 28, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to Charmouth to help with the rescue of a woman who had been swept out to sea whilst trying to rescue her Jack Russell dog from the undertow. The dog had been caught in the backwash of large wave on a rising tide with a ‘gnarly’ surf. Fortunately, another family member and a passer-by recovered the woman from the surf. The Coastguard helicopter, Rescue 106 was sent to the scene and the on-board paramedic provided medical attention to the female casualty. For a further hour, the Coastguard together with our colleagues at the RNLI carried out a sea and beach search looking for the dog. A search 300m east and west of the scene the following morning also failed to locate the dog. At the time of writing, the dog unfortunately remains missing.