2012 Incident #65 27.12.12 0902UTC #5618

December 28, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate ‘persons’ thought to be in danger and becoming cut off by the rising tide to the west of Lyme Regis at Seven Rock Point. Monmouth Beach has been subject to a number of substantial landslides in the last two weeks with the beach strewn with mud and debris. The Coastguard IRT walked the mile to Seven Rock Point and located two persons matching the descriptions. There were fossiling. The Coastguard ensured tha they understood the tides and the risks associated with the beach and returned. The Coastguard have recorded this call as a ‘false alarm with good intent’.



2012 Incident #64 23.12.12 0900UTC #5575

December 25, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate reports of cracks developing in the SW Coast path, near Underhill Farm to the west of Lyme Regis. A number of serious cracks & fissures were found together with signs of movement near the Crow’s Nest and Chimney Rock. A further inspection of all the major coastal access points between Seaton & Seatown found a number of areas where many landslips and mudslides have recently occurred. The recent poor weather has made all the cliffs and coastal paths extremely susceptible to ‘movement’. A number of warning signs were placed in appropriate places and all the relevant landowners and authorities advised. A few days later the coast path between Lyme Regis and Seaton was closed by Devon County Council & Natural England.

2012 Incident #63 16.12.12 1255UTC #5509

December 16, 2012

An off duty coastguard and sailing club member, reported that a number of sailing dinghies had been capsized in a dramatic squall about 200m from Lyme Regis harbour   The Initial Response Team, the IRT, together with the RNLI lifeboat were tasked to assist the sailing club safety boat with the rescue of the casualties from the water.  One fifteen year old girl had mild hypothermia and was quickly returned to the lifeboat station.  Before returning home she was checked over by the an ambulance paramedic to ensure she was suffering no ill effects from her ordeal.

2012 Incident #62 15.12.12 1320UTC #5495

December 15, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to assist our West Bay flank team with a cliff rescue.  The location of the cliff rescue of a female and her dog was between Thorncombe Beacon and Doghouse Hill.  Due to the saturated weather conditions and the terrain, it  impossible to reach the location by 4*4.  Consequently all the equipment, to undertake such a rescue, had to be carried about 1 mile to the location.  This made the rescue arduous   The casualty and her dog were safely recovered to the top of the cliff.

2012 Incident #61 3.12.12 1225UTC #5356

December 3, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate a major landslide of some 10,000 tonnes to the east of Charmouth.  A very large landslide at cascaded onto the beach below Westhay Farm.  This slip now blocks the beach 2 hours before high water.

2012 Incident #60 29.11.12 1450UTC #5339

November 29, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a landslide just to the west of Charmouth. On arrival at scene, it was established that about 150m of coast edge had slipped and slumped down onto the beach. The area of the landslip was cordoned off and additional signage placed on the access to the beach.

2012 Incident #59 25.11.12 1058UTC #5296

November 25, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a dog trapped in the rock armour protecting the foreshore to the west of Charmouth. Fortunately on arrival the dog had managed to wriggle free and the team was stood down.