2012 Incident #67 27.12.12 1619UTC #5625

December 28, 2012

Whilst coordinating the rescue of the lady who had been swept out to sea whilst trying to rescue her dog, the coastguard were tasked again to assist with an injured surfer. The male surfer had suffered injuries to his face when one of the fins on his board had struck him on the bridge of his nose. After the adrenalin had worn off, the blood pressure of the casualty started to fall dramatically. South West Ambulance service took the casualty to Dorchester hospital so that his head injury could be thoroughly checked and his blood pressure stabilised


2012 Incident #33 23.07.12 1707UTC #2820

July 25, 2012

The whole coastguard team was tasked to rescue a 67 year old male who had fallen, injurying his leg, two miles west of Lyme Regis. A party of seven walkers, had set out from Seaton to Lyme Regis along the Undercliif coastal path. This 7 mile footpath is renowned for being very difficult underfoot and being inaccesible. There are no public access points other than the beginning & the end! The casualty who was in extreme pain, was ‘packaged’ onto to stretcher and carried out of the Undercliff after about an hour of extremely arduous work. The casualty was passed into the care of a land ambulance that had been diverted from Bridgwater in Somerset, to attend the incident. Despite the advice of all the emergency services present, the casualty declined the opportunity to attend hospital and have his leg injury fully assessed.

The coastguard team would like to thank the members of the lifeboat team who helped carry the gentleman for the final stages of the ‘extraction’.

This was a physically demanding rescue. It took at least 40 minutes to locate the casualty with the whole coastguard team split up searching along the 7 mile length of the path. Once located all the team had to regroup to carry out the casualty.

This summer, the whole of the South West Coast path has been ‘labelled’ at key points with locations and grid references. If you are walking the coast path, please look out for these little white indicator signs. It might just help the emergency services locate you more quickly in the event of an incident.


2012 Incident #32 21.07.12 1235UTC #2735

July 24, 2012

It is Lifeboat week in Lyme Regis; a week dedicated to raising funds for the invaluable work carried out by the local RNLI. The coastguard team was asked to demonstrate of a typical mud rescue. As the team was at its station preparing for the ‘show’, a fifteen year old male walking past with his family banged his head into a road sign, gashing his head open. Two members of the coastguard team applied first aid until the ambulance arrived. The ‘casualty’ was taken to Bridport hospital to have the head wound ‘glued’. Thank you to mum for the chocolates – they disappeared very quickly after the next ‘shout’!

On Thursday 26 July 2012 at 1730, the coastguard team will be carrying out a rope rescue demonstration from the gardens in Lyme Regis.