2013 Incident #5 03.02.13 1341UTC #0295

February 3, 2013

Whilst on a patrol of the local area, checking access points, The Initial Response Team was were sent to Charmouth beach following a 999 call.  Three people were reported as stuck in the mud, up to their waists, in the landslide to the east of the river Char.  On arrival at scene, it was quickly established that the children aged 11 & 13 had managed to free themselves but that their father remained stuck.  Dad had gone to try and  rescue the children himself and had quickly sunk up to his waist only a metre from safe ground.  Two local fossilers had then managed to to pull the father to safety as the mud rescue team mustered.  All were safe and well and able to return home straight away minus three pairs of wellies. 

If you become stuck in mud try to spread your weight as much as possible. If you have a mobile phone call 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard.  Avoid moving and stay as calm as you can.  Discourage others from attempting to rescue you, since without the proper equipment they could become stuck too.


2012 Incident #69 29.12.12 2151UTC #5649

December 30, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate a ‘white light’ flashing 1.2km east of Charmouth. With the recent poor weather and the abundance of landslips, a concerned member of the public thought somebody may be in danger; especially as the torch did not appear to be moving and was irregularly flashing. The Coastguard IRT walked to the location and found a person looking for fossils. Well aware of the tides, the ‘target’ had on occasions sat down and waited to make sure the tide had dropped sufficiently enabling him to continue the along the beach. He was advised to stay well away from the bottom of the cliff as the risks associated with the cliffs and beach are greatly heightened when it is dark. The Coastguard have recorded this call as a ‘false alarm with good intent’.

2012 Incident #60 29.11.12 1450UTC #5339

November 29, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a landslide just to the west of Charmouth. On arrival at scene, it was established that about 150m of coast edge had slipped and slumped down onto the beach. The area of the landslip was cordoned off and additional signage placed on the access to the beach.

2012 Incident #59 25.11.12 1058UTC #5296

November 25, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a dog trapped in the rock armour protecting the foreshore to the west of Charmouth. Fortunately on arrival the dog had managed to wriggle free and the team was stood down.

2012 Incident #53 26.09.12 0718UTC #4469

September 26, 2012

The Coastguard IRT, Initial Response team, was tasked to investigate a cliff fall / landslip, 400 metres to the east of Charmouth.  The slip had happened the evening before but access to the area was prevented due the high ‘spring’ tide.  No one had been reported in the vicinity of the fall and no one reported missing.  However, the ‘fall’ was investigated to ‘double check and then the details passed to the relaxant authorities and landowners.  Members of the public are reminded to stay vigilant  heed any warning signs and stay away from the base of the cliffs.

2012 Incident #51 04.09.12 2155UTC #4063

September 6, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate a small fishing vessel that had been seen ‘drifting’ close to the shore in and around Charmouth.  The vessel was unlit and there were no signs of any crew on board.  Three members of the public dialled 999, concerned that the vessel was either drifting unmanned, lost or ‘up to no good’.  Having located the vessel and kept in under observation, it became clear that the boat was fishing with nets very close to shore with no navigation lights or lighting on board.  Using a loud hailer, the coastguard advised the vessel to make themselves visible; a request that was ignored!

The  marine equivalent of the ‘Highway Code’  is the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea also known as COLREGS .  This requires all vessels, irrespective of their length, to carry navigation lights if operating at night.  Owners should make sure that the lights they provide on their vessels are of approved types, also that they are displayed in their correct position(s) on the vessel.

2012 Incident #44 08.08.12 1720UTC #3271

August 8, 2012

The whole Coastguard team was tasked to investigate a cliff fall / landslip, 400 metres to the east of Charmouth. 5 persons had been seen, by a local fisherman, in the vicinity of the fall. It was quickly established that everyone was accounted on the beach and the Coastguard helicopter was used to check the South West Coast path. A member of public objected to being asked to withdraw from the scene and the police had to intervene to secure the area.