2012 Incident #68 29.12.12 1300UTC #5635

December 29, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to meet the police at the Crow’s Nest as concern for public safety increased due to numerous local landslides   Previously a number of cracks had developed on the the SW Coast path itself with all cliffs to the west of Lyme Regis showing signs of significant movement.  A small number of chalets near the beach in Lyme Regis have also been displaced from their foundations by the shifting ground.



2012 Incident #64 23.12.12 0900UTC #5575

December 25, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to investigate reports of cracks developing in the SW Coast path, near Underhill Farm to the west of Lyme Regis. A number of serious cracks & fissures were found together with signs of movement near the Crow’s Nest and Chimney Rock. A further inspection of all the major coastal access points between Seaton & Seatown found a number of areas where many landslips and mudslides have recently occurred. The recent poor weather has made all the cliffs and coastal paths extremely susceptible to ‘movement’. A number of warning signs were placed in appropriate places and all the relevant landowners and authorities advised. A few days later the coast path between Lyme Regis and Seaton was closed by Devon County Council & Natural England.