2013 Incident #8 11.2.13 1201UTC #0376

February 13, 2013

The whole Coastguard Team was tasked to reports of a large landslide 200 metres west of the entrance to Monmouth beach, Lyme Regis. together with the Coastguard helicopter, that was diverted from a training exercise, it was established that there did not appear to be anyone trapped or missing. The landowners and the local town & district councils attended and closed the beach as the landslide continued throughout the day. The Coastguard remained ‘on scene’ until the incoming tide, meant the slip was inaccessible. The Coastguard would urge all beach users to follow the advice given on the signs, stay well away from the cliffs and check the tidal conditions to avoid being ‘cut off’. Please be careful and do not take any unnecessary risks.



2013 Incident #1 6.1.13 1112UTC #0030

January 6, 2013

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a landslide between the Golden Cap & St Gabriel’s. On arrival at scene, it was established that about there had been some further ‘slumping’ at high level to a fall that originally occurred in April 2011. There were no reports of anybody being near the landslide when it occurred.


2012 Incident #60 29.11.12 1450UTC #5339

November 29, 2012

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to reports of a landslide just to the west of Charmouth. On arrival at scene, it was established that about 150m of coast edge had slipped and slumped down onto the beach. The area of the landslip was cordoned off and additional signage placed on the access to the beach.

2012 Incident #53 26.09.12 0718UTC #4469

September 26, 2012

The Coastguard IRT, Initial Response team, was tasked to investigate a cliff fall / landslip, 400 metres to the east of Charmouth.  The slip had happened the evening before but access to the area was prevented due the high ‘spring’ tide.  No one had been reported in the vicinity of the fall and no one reported missing.  However, the ‘fall’ was investigated to ‘double check and then the details passed to the relaxant authorities and landowners.  Members of the public are reminded to stay vigilant  heed any warning signs and stay away from the base of the cliffs.

2012 Incident #44 08.08.12 1720UTC #3271

August 8, 2012

The whole Coastguard team was tasked to investigate a cliff fall / landslip, 400 metres to the east of Charmouth. 5 persons had been seen, by a local fisherman, in the vicinity of the fall. It was quickly established that everyone was accounted on the beach and the Coastguard helicopter was used to check the South West Coast path. A member of public objected to being asked to withdraw from the scene and the police had to intervene to secure the area.

2012 Incident #30 18.07.12 1204UTC #2695

July 18, 2012

The whole coastguard team was tasked to rescue two children stuck in a landslip 1.2 kms west of Seatown. The two young boys, aged 8 & 10, had climbed onto landslip having initially been rock pooling on the beach. On arrival at the scene, one of the boys had managed to reach a stone but remained stranded in the middle of the slip. The second boy was close by, with one foot stuck. The coastguards used a technique of using alternate basket stretchers to get the casualties and themselves back to safe ground. The boys and their parents were returned to Seatown where a paramedic checked the boys over. The children were allowed home after they had warmed up after their ordeal. The family were on their annual holiday to the area from Gloucestershire.

The extreme rainfall in recent weeks has made the cliffs and the landslips extremely dangerous. Please take heed of the signs and do not climb up the cliffs or onto landslips / mudflows.


2012 Incident #27 12.07.12 1555UTC #2406

July 12, 2012

The IRT was tasked to investigate reports of landslips on Black Venn, west of Charmouth.  The extreme rainfall over the last four weeks meant that much of Black Venn is streaming with rivers of mud.  It was also established that several residents at the western end of Charmouth have lost a few metres of their coast edge gardens.