2013 Incident #07 10.02.13 1604UTC#0370

February 10, 2013

The Initial Response Team, the IRT, was tasked to rescue two people cut off by the tide, 750 metres east of the river Char, Charmouth. The incoming spring tide still had three hours until high water and the casualties were trapped out of sight behind a mud slip The RNLI lifeboat was launched to establish a visual contact and to provide an accurate assessment of the scene. Unfortunately the sea state meant that the lifeboat was unable to get to access the beach or to put a crew ashore. With only about 30 minutes of beach remaining for the casualties, it was agreed to scramble the Coastguard Rescue helicopter 106. The helicopter was on scene in 8 minutes from Portland and was able to winch both of the casualties to safety and drop them off at a landing site in Charmouth. The two casualties were cold and shaken but did not require any further medical attention. The Coastguard offered some safety advice about the potential danger of tides especially the ‘spring’ tides which have greatest tidal range and are encountered the week after the new and full moon.