The Team

HM Coastguard, Sidmouth Road, Lyme Regis DT7 3LD Tel: +44 (0) 1297 448 852

There are currently 12 members in the team who live and work, in and around the Lyme Regis. The team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 day’s a year to respond to incidents within the 12 mile ‘guard’. There are always a minimum of 2 people on call as the duty ‘IRT’, Initial Response Team. If the circumstances demand, the full team will be mobilised immediately. Last year the team responded to 69 call-outs and this number has been as high as 97 in previous years. The team is trained in four aspects of Coastguard Rescue Service operations

  • Land and Coastal Search Management
  • Rope Rescue
  • Mud Rescue
  • Water Rescue

The team members are;

Graham Turner – Station Officer. Graham runs a property maintenance company as well as a number other small local businesses. Previously Graham was a helmsman with the RNLI

Gerry Bearpark – Deputy Station Officer. Gerry is a self employed electrician.

Jim Thomas – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Jim is assistant head and head of the sixth form at Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis. Previously Jim was a helmsman with the RNLI.


Richard Edmonds – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Richard is the Earth Sciences Manager, Jurassic Coast Team at Dorset County Council. He is the only team member with a Blue Peter badge.

Terry Sweeeney – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Terry, now retired was the Countryside manager at Dorset County Council

Chris Quick – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Chris is a specialist car restorer.  Photo available soon

Nick Bale – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Nick runs a private investment company.


Toby Newson – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Toby is a self employed painter and decorator

tn Thumbnail

Jess Douglas– Coastguard Rescue Officer. Jess is a graphic designer.  Photo available soon

Chris Jarvis – Coastguard Rescue Officer. Chris is the manager and instructor at the local rifle range.

CJ Gallery Shot_280809

Clinton Flux– Coastguard Rescue Officer. Clinton is a self – employed plumber.  Photo available soon

Stuart King – Coastguard Rescue Officer.  Stuart is a self – employed carpenter.  Photo available soon


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